Sample Pack $20
These instructions will help you choose the right colors, designs, and boxes designs for your wedding, please follow these few steps to start you invitations process.

1. Look at the invitations designs, and choose the style that will represent your big day the best.

2. Choose your theme colors, by choosing two diferent color papers, first one is your main color that will be use for the outside of your box/invitations. The second color is what is going to be used on the inside to be shown true the cuts.

3. From inside the Outside Design choose the design that you will like to use on your boxes. (for boxes only) For invitations choose from the Monograms the style you would like to use on the outside of the invitations.

4. From the Fonts list choose the font type that is going to be used on the outside of the boxes and also for the phrases inside the boxes. Don't forget to also choose the font style for you invitation program.

5. From the Ribbon1 choose the color of ribbon that you will like to use for the edges of the boxes/invitations (if applicable), From the Ribbon2 choose the color ribbon that is going to be used to tie the boxes. (Only if applicable)

6. Choose your envelope size and color (only if applicable)

**NOTE: If you would like to use a picture in the center of the inside of your box please let us know. If you interested in using a monogram design for any other product outside our contract we could sell you a high resolution PDF copy for a reasonable fee.

If you decide to add a musical CD to your package the process is the same as the invitation boxes but the monogram will be used instead of the outside designs ´╗┐on the boxes.

LABLES are used to put the names of your guests also some of them are used for candy boxes or bottles depending on your choice and package

Our Sample pack kit include all the papers samples for your Invitation, Boxes, or Envelopes, it also include all of the ribbon colors we provide for your invitations (if applicable). For a sample kit discount please have your wedding planner or event planner contact us.

**NOTE: For a download-able copy of our AGREEMENT PDF, please visit our Contact Us page